Travel Insurance Must-Knows for the Last Minute Traveller

Travellers at the Airport Singapore Travel Insurance Must-Knows

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    • Understand the importance of travel insurance, with flight cancellations and lost luggages being the top reasons for claims
    • Quick travel insurance tips and hacks for all kinds of travellers. From the clueless, to the savvy last-minute jet-setters
    • Discover some real-life personal stories of why everyone should get travel insurance before heading overseas

Spontaneous Singaporeans, hurray! You spotted a cheap flight deal, booked your dream holiday, and now you’re itching to soak up some sun.

But hold on a minute, jet-setters, there’s one crucial thing you might have forgotten all about – travel insurance!

Yes, even if you’re planning a 1-day escape to Batam, travel insurance is a must-have. Read on as we explore why travel insurance is important and what to consider before buying a travel insurance plan.

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Travel Insurance Must-Knows: Why Get It?

Though we hope for a fun-filled, hiccup-free travel experience, sometimes things just don’t go our way and unexpected incidents happen. These could come in the form of an injury mid-hike or losing your luggage in a crowded place.

Travel insurance is designed to protect you from costs arising from instances like this, sparing you from facing financial stress in an already stressful situation.

Here are some must-knows about the events you can potentially claim under your travel insurance plan:

  • Delayed or cancelled trips

    Due to illness, injury, flight delays or a natural disaster, your trip may be delayed or cancelled. Travel insurance can help you recover costs related to these events, for instance, reimbursing you a certain amount for a flight delay.

  • Lost or damaged baggage

    Lost or had your luggage stolen in the middle of a whirlwind shopping spree in Bangkok? Travel insurance can help recoup the value of your lost belongings.

  • Medical treatment

    Injured or need emergency medical attention during your trip? Medical attention can be very expensive overseas.

    Travel insurance can cover medical bills, hospitalisation costs, and even emergency medical evacuation that may be necessary if you’re traveling to a region where medical facilities are not nearby or not adequate for your medical needs.

Instead of navigating a crisis with impending fear of how much it would cost you, travel insurance can offer you the confidence to prioritise finding the best solution for your needs.

According to a study conducted by MSIG in 2022, the top 3 reasons for buying travel insurance are: (1) COVID-19 coverage (2) Emergency and Medical coverage and (3) Trip Cancellation coverage.

What to Know Before Buying a Travel Insurance Plan

f you’ve set your sights on traveling this season, here’s a guide on how to select a suitable travel insurance plan:

  • Coverage for likely causes of trip disruptions

    Cancelled trips, travel delays, lost or damaged luggage, medical treatment – you should ensure your plan includes coverage for these common causes of trip disruptions.

  • Get sufficient medical coverage

    Is the country you’re traveling to endemic to certain diseases, or is COVID-19 on the rise again? Do you have pre-existing illnesses? Make sure that you choose a plan with adequate coverage for your needs.

  • Coverage for adventure sports

    Planning to take part in some adventurous sports like white-water rafting or bungee jumping?

    Make sure your travel insurance covers you for medical treatment and medical evacuation linked to injuries that may happen due to these sports.

  • Read the Terms and Conditions of the plan

    Always make sure to check the details of your plan as there may be exclusions that can affect your coverage. If you’re unsure about what you’re buying, seek a financial adviser or insurance agent’s advice to clarify your concerns. Don’t decide on a plan in haste!

Are You Covered for COVID-19 During Your Trip?

COVID-19 Travel Insurance, Masking Up

Let’s address a hot topic. 

With COVID-19 cases once again rising in Singapore, travel insurance with COVID-19 coverage is a must. However, not all plans are created equal. Here’s what to look for:

  • Look for plans that cover trip cancellation due to a Covid-19 diagnosis This protects you if you have to cancel your trip because you or a travel companion tests positive before departure.
  • Medical coverage for Covid-19 related illness This ensures you’re covered for medical expenses if you contract Covid-19 while overseas.
  • Quarantine coverage Some plans offer reimbursement for additional accommodation and food costs if you have to quarantine due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Bonus Tip! 

Purchase your travel insurance as soon as you book your trip. 

This ensures you’re covered for any unforeseen circumstances that might arise before your departure, like a sudden illness. Ideally, you should get your travel insurance settled 15 days prior your trip.

Travel Insurance as a Must-Have

We hope that this article has helped you understand that travel insurance is a must-have, and not something you should scrimp on. By choosing the right plan, you can set off on your spontaneous adventure with confidence, knowing you’re financially protected against unexpected mishaps.

Now, choose your travel insurance, pack your bags, and get ready to explore the world!

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