Navigating Medical Emergencies: The Indispensable Integrated Shield Plan

Life has a way of surprising us, especially when it comes to our health. In those moments, we come to truly appreciate the value of having an insurance agent who helped us prioritise our well-being by investing in an Integrated Shield Plan (IP). It’s more than just being cautious, it’s about being prepared.

Grace Lee*, a stay-at-home mum in her thirties, experienced a wake-up call when confronted with an unforeseen health crisis. She was diagnosed with recurring polyps and cysts, which had even led her to the Accident and Emergency department on several occasions.

Her doctor recommended a surgery to remove the cysts, as they were beginning to interfere with her daily life and causing her considerable discomfort.

Here’s how her IP came to the rescue:

Seek treatment at a Private Hospital: Grace had the freedom to select a private hospital for her surgery, where she received not only medical care but also personalised attention from the hospital staff. The experience at a private hospital often means a more comfortable and stress-free environment for patients. This environment allowed her to focus on her recovery without concerns about long waiting times or overcrowded facilities..

Flexibility in Rescheduling: Grace encountered various obstacles when she fell ill, leading to several changes in her scheduled surgery dates. As she is receiving treatment at a private hospital, she has the flexibility r to adjust her surgery date when she contracted COVID-19. This flexibility meant she didn’t need to concern herself with additional costs or unwarranted delays.

Choice of Specialists: Grace’s condition is a delicate one, as the removal of ovarian cysts requires an experienced surgeon capable of performing the procedure without impacting her reproductive system. Through her IP, she had the flexibility to choose the specialist she was most confident and comfortable with to carry out her surgery. She also had the freedom to recover in the hospital of her choice without the worries of substantial out-of-pocket expenses.

This story serves as a reminder to prioritise planning for life’s uncertainties, particularly health-related ones, by having coverage with an Integrated Shield Plan.

When was the last time you checked the coverage you have for such scenarios? Could you do what Grace did? Learn more about Integrated Shield Plans here.

Some names and descriptions have been changed to protect privacy. The information contained herein is not presented with the intention of diagnosing or prescribing, but is offered only as information for use in maintaining and promoting health in cooperation with a physician.

This story is contributed by Danni Teboul, a financial advisor from St. James’ Place and rewritten by Health Insured SG. 

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