The Claim Process

Here is a guide to making an insurance claim when the unexpected happens.

3 things you must know when making an insurance claim

A general guide to an insurance claim

While different policies have their own specific claim process, the procedure for most insurance claims is to submit an insurer’s form(s) together with supporting documents.

Notify Insurer as soon as possible
We suggest that you notify your insurer before you seek treatment/book an appointment.

You should also check how long you have to submit your claims, as some providers require claims to be submitted within a specific time frame from when care is sought. Otherwise, your claim may be rejected.
Obtain all necessary documentation to submit your claim
This includes receipts from your hospital, doctor, prescription notes, a completed claims form, lists of medication administered, accident reports, police reports, and maybe more (your insurer should detail what documents are required).
Submit your documents to your insurer
To ensure that you get reimbursed for your claims, remember to submit all necessary documents to your insurer. You can either mail your documents, drop them off at the insurer's office in person, or submit online copies of all necessary documents via a dedicated e-portal/app (if applicable).

When will the claim be approved and paid out?

Submitting all necessary documents is not the end of the claim process. Check with your insurer to ensure smooth progress. Ask about processing time and notification once the claim is processed.

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