Kiss92 Contest: Know your coverage, before you need it!​

How to participate: ​

1. Submit the contest form below by 5 July. 

2. Kiss92 DJs will call 10 lucky participants and ask them 3 simple questions about health insurance over the period of 8 July to 19 July on weekdays, from 8 am – 12 pm. (After submitting the contest form, scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the contest questions).

3. If you answer the questions correctly, you stand a chance to win a Singlife Personal Accident Plan or $150 voucher!​

Kiss92 DJs will ask 10 lucky participants any 3 of the following questions on-air:


1. A hospitalisation insurance plan (Integrated Shield Plan) provides coverage for hospitalisation in public hospitals only. [T/F]

Hint: Hospitalisation insurance plans (Integrated Shield Plans) may offer coverage for both public and private hospitals, depending on the plan that you have bought. With a rider, you can increase your coverage and reduce your out-of-pocket costs for treatment at public and private hospitals further to $3000.​

2. A hospitalisation insurance plan (Integrated Shield Plan) covers pre-hospitalisation and post-hospitalisation expenses.[T/F]

Hint: Hospitalisation insurance plans often come with pre-hospitalisation and post-hospitalisation medical coverage. The duration of coverage can be over a few months to more than a year, depending on your plan.

3. A personal accident plan covers the diagnosis and treatment claims for:​​ [T/F]

  • Accidental injuries such as fractures and sprains
  • Dengue​​
  • Insect bites​​
  • Food poisoning​​
  • Hand, foot and mouth disease​​

Hint: Depending on your plan, a personal accident plan can cover conditions like accidental injuries, dengue fever, insect bites, food poisoning, hand foot mouth disease and even conditions like COVID-19! Medical bills from your General Practitioner visits, Rehabilitation visits and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) visits may be covered, depending on your plan.​

4. Once you buy a hospitalisation plan (Integrated Shield Plan), it covers your hospitalisation expenses for the entire duration of your life. [T/F]

Hint: Integrated Shield Plans need to be renewed each year. Your coverage stops if you stop paying your premiums.

5. A critical illness plan provides a lump-sum payout when the policyholder is diagnosed with a critical illness that is covered under their plan. [T/F]

Hint: A lump-sum payout is offered by a critical illness plan, as long as the condition you are diagnosed for is covered by your plan. These critical illness conditions may include certain cancers, heart attack and stroke, depending on your plan.

6. The lump-sum payout critical illness policyholders are entitled to can be used for medical expenses only. [T/F]

Hint: Critical illness payouts can be used for any expenses beyond medical expenses. Once you have collected the payout, you can choose how to use the funds. You may wish to use the funds to cover your daily expenses, medical bills and even replace your income if you are unable to work during your recovery period.

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