3 important things to know about IPs

In addition to providing additional hospitalisation coverage in Class B1/A/private hospital wards, having an Integrated Shield Plan (IP) also gives you access to more than 500 panel doctors, lowering your out-of-pocket expenses further. You can reduce this amount by either purchasing a Rider or using your MediSave.

How does an Integrated Shield Plan work?

IPs are offered by the various insurers in Singapore. See some types of IPs available in Singapore.

MediShield Life

  • Basic coverage (no pre/post, etc.)
  • B2/C wards
  • Claim limits apply
  • Premiums fully payable by MediSave

“Basic” Upgrade

  • Provides additional coverage on top of your MediShield Life
  • Can cover “A” wards in restructured hospitals and private hospitals
  • “As charged” coverage
  • Covers pre/post and others
  • Subject to Deductibles and Co-insurance
  • Premiums payable by MediSave and cash


  • Covers Deductibles and Co-insurance substantially
  • Higher claim limits
  • Additional coverage e.g. covers cancer drugs outside of the MOH cancer drug list
  • Premiums payable by cash only

Want to enhance your Integrated Shield Plan? Consider getting a Rider.