Remember these 3 things before paying your bill

Getting admitted into a hospital or seeking medical treatment can be worrying. It is common to feel anxious, especially when you have to think about your medical bills. To reduce that sense of anxiety, take note of these reminders upon your discharge.

Knowing more about your medical bill

To help you manage your healthcare costs, you can begin by checking the individual charges in your medical bill. It can be useful to refer to the various average bill sizes in Singapore for that particular treatment as well. 

You can also use this bill estimator to get an approximation of your out-of-pocket medical expenses for common surgical procedures.

Below are some of the different types of costs in a hospital medical bill.

Types of outpatient costs:

Specialist consultations

Diagnostic tests like X-rays

Cancer treatments

Health checks

Types of inpatient costs:

Room charges

Doctors’ fees and nurses’ care

Surgeries and operating costs

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