About Integrated Shield Plans (IPs)

An Integrated Shield Plan is a health insurance plan offered by private insurers. It gives you additional hospitalisation coverage on top of the coverage provided by your MediShield Life (MSHL).

Major/Key insurance brands in Singapore

3 things to know about Integrated Shield Plans (IPs)

Know more about Integrated Shield Plans (IPs)

Integrated Shield Plans (IPs) do not have to be complicated at all. We have simplified the different aspects of IPs to help you easily understand more about these policies.

How does an IP work?

Learn about the different types of coverage and how you can use your IP in times of need.

What are Riders and Add-ons?

Know more about the additional coverage that you may need on top of your IP.

Comparing Different IPs

Get an overview of the different IPs available in Singapore so that you can find one that suits your needs and budget.

Do you have adequate insurance coverage?

Did you know that we should have different insurance policies at different stages of our lives? For instance, someone who is starting a family should have more hospitalisation coverage so that there can be peace of mind should an unexpected accident happen.

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