4 Reasons You Should Get Insurance for Your Children

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Being a parent is a joyous journey filled with firsts – the first smile, the first step, and yes, the first time you realise the responsibility of protecting your little one’s future.

While many may associate insurance with adulthood, the concept of purchasing insurance policies for your child is often overlooked. Let’s explore the importance of insurance policies for children, breaking down the whys, the whats, and the hows in simple terms.

What aspects of your child's life should you protect?


Ensure your child receives the education he/she wants and needs, even if you’re faced with unexpected financial challenges.


Cover medical expenses, ensuring your child receives the best healthcare, no matter the circumstances.

Future Financial Planning

Lay the groundwork for your child’s financial future, helping them navigate adulthood with an amount of savings that you have set aside through the policies.

Why should you insure your child from a young age?

Rising Education Costs

As your child grows, so do their educational needs and costs. 

According to SingStat, the cost of education has increased by 75.7% since 2002. An insurance policy can serve to support a child’s academic journey, from primary school to university, while easing the anxiety and finances of a family.

Unexpected Medical Expenses

Unexpected health challenges can arise, and insurance ensures that you’re financially equipped to provide the best medical care for your child.

Early Start, Long-Term Benefits

The earlier you invest in insurance for your child, the longer they enjoy the benefits. 

Some policies even offer lifelong coverage, providing a safety net well into adulthood. Furthermore, contrary to common belief, insurance policies for children can be quite affordable, especially when initiated at a young age.

Peace of Mind for Parents

Life is unpredictable, and insurance adds a layer of security. Knowing that your child is covered in various aspects of life offers peace of mind during the unexpected twists and turns.


Navigating the world of insurance for your child doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Your financial advisor can help you make informed decisions that align with your budget and the specific needs of your child. Unlock the peace of mind that comes with securing your child’s future. After all, it’s not just an investment – it’s an act of love and protection. 

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